Six times as many decision-makers attended the 3rd European Chemistry Partnering today- compared to the initial event two years ago: with participants from Brazil, Morocco and Australia, all six continents were represented for the first time. More than 2,000 partnering meetings formed the basis of interdisciplinary exchanges regarding innovation. In addition, there were countless discussions in the exhibition area, at the speaker corners and during the many networking opportunities.

More than 800 participants from 40 nations and six continents attended today. Technologies and innovations were presented in over 100 Pitches (short presentations) in parallel in four rooms. Among the speakers for the first time were nine large companies who presented in so-called “Inversed Pitches.” The BioEconomy Cluster and some members and partners also presented themselves at the 3rd ECP. These include, for example, CompraXX GmbH, S²P AG Straw – Pulp & Paper or EW Biotech GmbH.

The 1st World Chemistry Forum (WCF) provided the special finale of the day: The panel discussion held under this auspices highlighted one of today’s major global problems: Plastics in the environment. Four international experts discussed the burning issue of a “New Plastics Economy”. With the WCF format, the ECP is further developing into a Think Tank around chemical value creation, thus inviting all interest groups to discuss and exchange information and experience. In this way, topics related to industry, politics and society can be further advanced.

Holger Bengs, the initiator of the European Chemistry Partnering, sums up the 3rd European Chemistry Partnering: “It was quite an emotional moment this morning and I actually shed a tear of joy at the opening when I welcomed our more than 800 guests from all over the world. The ECP is unique. We all prefer to do business with people we like, people we enjoy meeting: In such a community we deal with each other in a completely different way: the understanding for a short-term ‘no’ is greater, and you are happy about the next person and that another opportunity is awaiting you at the next table.

I am delighted that our concept is working, in particular for the many, many Start-ups from chemistry, biotechnology, digitization and many other important innovative domains. Technology specialists from the Universities and Research Institutes have a three-fold problem: Firstly, there is a lack of time for them to build up a network and be part of a lively community when every hour has to be devoted to developing prototypes in order to be successful. Secondly, networking, marketing, distribution and sales speak a completely different language that has to be learnt. And third, compliance and privacy rules sometimes make it difficult to reach the right decision-makers in the short term. At the ECP, we leverage all three disadvantages: Everyone can easily get in touch with everyone else.”


97 percent of all products contain at least one chemical process step: renewable raw materials, enzymes, industrial biotechnology, new processes, products from residual materials, digitization, etc. are changing the processes in chemical value creation: starting with purchasing logistics on to production and finally marketing and sales. Interdisciplinary exchange is gaining in importance. With the ECP, an international chemistry community is growing that wants to derive more innovation from what already exists.               


European Chemistry Partnering: A brief overview

The European Chemistry Partnering is an event format in which the focus is on discussion about innovation along the chemical value chain. It is aimed at decision makers, innovation managers and investors in the chemical industry and its user industries, as well as industry-focused stakeholders and qualified service providers and consultants. The ECP consists of the elements: Keynote Speech, Partnering, Pitches, Exhibition and Final Panel. Companies can describe their innovations in short presentations (Pitches) and arrange appointments via a software tool in advance (Partnering). The European Chemistry Partnering was conceived and initiated by Dr. Holger Bengs, Managing Director of BCNP Consultants GmbH. The first event took place on 16th February 2017 in Frankfurt am Main. From 2018 onwards the ECP will occur twice a year. In February the venue is Frankfurt. In late summer, the ECP Summer Summit takes place in changing locations.


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