Your pathway to a biobased company

Start-ups and spin-offs from the scientific community have become indispensable as drivers of innovation in a wide range of markets. This also applies to the bioeconomy. The aim of the GISBERT project was to establish activities to promote start-ups by interlinking the start-up and innovation structures within the region of the Leading-Edge BioEconomy Central Germany Cluster. The project also worked to identify and grow the awareness of potential founders in the bioeconomy and support them in developing suitable business concepts and start-ups.

The project was funded by the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) and coordinated by HHL (Leipzig Graduate School of Management) and BioEconomy Cluster Management GmbH. In the project, which ran from 12/2015 to the end of 2017, start-up and spin-off projects with biobased business models were supported by a wide range of services and an extensive network of partners.

Established GISBERT networking services continue to be part of the BioEconomy Cluster:

  • Matchmaking of researchers with exciting, nearly market-ready results in search of partners
  • Search for and contact to venture capitalists with an interest in “green” business ideas
  • Know-how providers in search of young entrepreneurs for (spin-off) start-ups

You will find the following on offer:

  1. Comprehensive start-up support through individual consulting, coaching and pitch training
  2. Workshops, partnering, business meet-ups and other events and access
  3. A diverse network of partners, mentors, investors and experts
  4. Use of coworking spaces, labs and other shared infrastructure as part of an accelerator program

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