2nd World Bioeconomy Forum 2019 @ Ruka, Finland
Sep 11 – Sep 13 ganztägig

Welcome to Ruka on September 11–13, 2019
Program is based on themes

  1. Implementing Biostrategies
  2. Forest bioeconomy and climate change
  3. CEO Panel
  4. Circular Bioeconomy – Enterprise Panel
  5. Evolving value chains based on bio-feedstock – Case Plastics

Themes will be covered in panel sessions.

For the participants there will be an open invitation to participate in the dialog. At the end of the event, participants are able to communicate in small groups and present their proposals for the event summary.

The dress code for the event is Smart Casual.

Download the World BioEconomy Forum flyer here.

(Deutsch) Internationale Tagung “Bio-Polymere in breitem Einsatz? Potenziale, Chancen und Herausforderungen” @ Plastics InnoCentre
Sep 19 um 13:00 – 18:00
HTP-Fachforum 2019 „Hydrothermale Prozesse – Technologien zur stofflichen und energetischen Wertschöpfung“ @ DBFZ Leipzig
Sep 25 – Sep 26 ganztägig

On 25th and 26th September 2019, the DBFZ will host the 5th Forum on Hydrothermal Processes. The forum will focus on the entire value-added chain of hydrothermal conversion starting with the raw materials, through the processes and their technological implementation, to the products and the associated general and boundary conditions.

Call for Abstracts

Within the framework of the event, we hereby call for abstracts and look forward to your active participation until May 3, 2019 exclusively via the application form to HTP-Inno on the following topics:

  • Hydrothermal processes for the production of solid, liquid and gaseous energy and carbon carriers
  • Behaviour of materials under hydrothermal conditions, materials and apparatus for HTP (incl. questions on measurement and control technology, material and corrosion in plants)
  • Hydrothermal processes in sewage sludge utilisation and nutrient recycling
  • Hydrothermal generation of basic and fine chemicals
  • Hydrothermal processes for the provision of functional materials and in production processes
  • International trends and results
  • General conditions (politics, licensing law, market situation, …)
  • Economic, ecological and socio-economic evaluation of hydrothermal processes
  • biomass conversion in alternative polar reaction media, e.g. polar organic
  • Solvents, ionic liquids and molten salts
  • Use and treatment of process water by-products

The event is bilingual – German and English with simultaneous translation. Lectures and posters are available in both languages.

2. ECP Summer Summit 2019 – European Chemistry Partnering @ Düsseldorf
Sep 26 ganztägig

European Chemistry Partnering now 2 times a year:

The ECP Summer Summit is the brother of European Chemistry Partnering. Your benefit: You see your customers, investors and partners more frequently and can speed up the initiation of business. The chemistry community is growing.

From Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands new participants are expected due to the proximity to Dusseldorf.

The 2nd ECP Summer Summit is the summer event of the European Chemistry Partnering that takes place each February

Here, the chemical industry and its user industries meet innovative entrepreneurs and investors. But how do start-ups and large corporate partners successfully build upon the first contact? This question will be addressed by Dr. Paolo Bavaj from Henkel and Miguel Galvez from US-based start-up NBD Nano in their tandem keynote: an inspiring kick-off for a packed day of networking. Dr. Paolo Bavaj, Head of Corporate Venturing at Henkel’s Adhesive Technologies business unit, and Miguel Galvez, President and co-founder of NBD Nano, a start-up from Boston, U.S.A. that specializes in new materials, will offer authentic insights into how corporates transition frominitial contact to investment and finally to business collaboration.

Participants can look forward to shared experiences and insightsinto this journey. “We are very happy to have NBD Nano in our Henkel Investment Portfolio”, says Dr. Paolo Bavaj, “in this way we gain access to a new technology on which we can build a new Henkel business, and in turn NBD Nano will be able to grow and scale-upmuch faster.“ NBD Nano is thrilled to have Henkel as an investor and corporate partner. The partnership enables NBD to access large markets and leverage Henkel’s existing infrastructure in key markets. In addition, the partnership enables cross collaboration in R&D for future innovation and customer development into new untested markets”, says Miguel Galvez.

More than 300 representatives from large corporations, SMEs, young growing companies, start-ups and investors are expected to come together at the 2nd ECP Summer Summit. The event, to be held at Henkel Group’s headquarters in Düsseldorf, will focus on pitches and partnering. Partnering talks can be arranged in advance. Pitches as well as exhibition stalls can be booked along with the tickets. Networking and socializing will begin at the ECP Get Together on the evening before. Registration will start on 24 May 2019. An early bird discount of 20% will be offered until 30 June 2019.

Dr Holger Bengs, the initiator of the European Chemistry Partnering, says: “I am very happy that after the great success of the ECP Summer Summit in 2018, the global corporation Henkel has joined us again as our strong partner. The tandem keynote about the fruitful cooperation between a start-up and a global industrial company will plant an entrepreneurial seed that will continue throughout the day. Participants can already start looking forward to this great experience.” NBD Nano, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, is an advanced materials start-up with expertise in adjusting surface properties such as repellency or adhesion. Through its proprietary platform technology, the company is creating additives and coatings which provide customized surface solutions that are both durable and adaptive. NBD Nano’s technology can be used in manifold applications –from electronics and consumer goods to automotive. For further information about NBD Nano please visit:


EFIB 2019 @ Brussels, Belgium
Sep 30 – Oct 2 ganztägig

European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy (EFIB), where delegates are provided with an update on the status and outlook of biobased industries. EFIB is proud to foster engagement between policy makers, a broad range of stakeholders connected with the existing biobased value chain and seeks to reach out to, and include, new interlocutors.

Industrial Biotechnology is currently worth €23 billion representing just 6% in sales of the overall worldwide chemicals market. However, it is significantly out-performing the overall chemicals market at an impressive 20% annual growth rate and has the potential to become the dominant technology of tomorrow’s chemicals industry, representing a huge future opportunity.

Delivering on this opportunity will require significant investment, innovation and value chain development and most importantly new collaborations across the sector. Additionally we are faced with important challenges posed by high energy prices, the impact of the shale gas boom on the development of biobased chemicals markets and the ongoing need for predictable, coherent and supportive policy in the EU.

In order to understand and overcome these challenges and prosper in tomorrow’s bioeconomy, for more than ten years, industry experts throughout the vibrant and innovative biobased community have come together to one central location every year to discuss the key issues and gain a snapshot of the most significant developments on scale up of commercial biorefineries around the world.

That location is the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology & the Bioeconomy (EFIB), where delegates are provided with an update on the status and outlook of biobased industries. EFIB is proud to foster engagement between policy makers, a broad range of stakeholders connected with the existing biobased value chain and seeks to reach out to, and include, new interlocutors.

In the last decade, EFIB delegates, exhibitors, sponsors and speakers have been showcasing innovative products and processes that deliver solutions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Last year, we celebrated the Industrial biotech communities’ latest achievements in harnessing the power of innovation to deliver solutions to global grand challenges. Influential brands and industry leaders met in Toulouse, France, with a broad range of stakeholders and policy makers to discuss the transformative potential of Industrial Biotechnology to create a smarter and more sustainable future.

PTS Faserstoff Symposium 2019 @ Pullman Dresden Newa Hotel
Nov 26 – Nov 27 ganztägig
13. Holzwerkstoffkolloquium 2019 @ IHD Institut für Holztechnologie Dresden gGmbH
Dec 12 – Dec 13 ganztägig

Call for Papers bis zum 3.6.2019

Vernetzungen von Menschen und Technologien spielen im Zeitalter von Industrie 4.0 eine herausragende Rolle für die Holzwerkstoffindustrie, die längst global aufgestellt ist und damit bereits vor Ort auf globale Entwicklungen reagieren muss. Nur durch die Verbindungen der Technologen untereinander, mit den Zulieferern, mit den Abnehmern und mit den regulierenden Behörden und Normungsgremien bleiben wirtschaftlicher Erfolg und Markterhalt möglich. Vernetzungen im Werkstoff selbst von neuen Rohstoffen und Bindemitteln sichern die Einhaltungen von aktuellen gesundheitlichen Anforderungen und die Akzeptanz bei Planern und Verbrauchern. Das 13. Holzwerkstoffkolloquium thematisiert diese Herausforderungen für die Holzwerkstoffherstellung und fordert auf, unter dem Motto „Vernetzungen“ neue Ideen und Entwicklungen aus den Bereichen Werkstoffe und Produkte, Technologien sowie Umwelt und Gesundheit zu diskutieren. Wir rufen hiermit zur Einreichung von Vorträgen zu den angeführten Themenschwerpunkten und zusätzlich zu Kurzbeiträgen junger Wissenschaftler auf.

Die Tagungssprache ist deutsch, englische Fachbeiträge sind sehr gern willkommen. Das voraussichtliche Programm für das 13. Holzwerkstofkolloquium können Sie hier abrufen.