Networking & Formation of Consortia

The goal of every network is finding partners and new ideas. Project initiation and partner recommendations are our core business.

Funding & Financial Support

We are happy to assist with funding screening and application. Current information on funding programs and financing options in the bioeconomy could be found here.

Infrastructure Access

Numerous partners with different scaling options are in the BioEconomy network. From laboratory, pilot scale to demonstrator and industrial production are available. You are looking for a suitable partner with specific infrastructure. We can recommend this to you.

Business Development & Project Management

Project development and management belong to the core tasks of the Cluster Management. We support you in bringing your idea to the street. Use the cluster team to find partners, research topics and funding, project coordination, project marketing and accounting.

Knowledge Transfer & Innovation

The BioEconomy Network is the interface between science, business and politics in the field of bioeconomy. In order to find suitable ideas, partners or like-minded people, please visit one of our matching events, e.g. the BioEconomy BusinessTreff. In addition, an open innovation platform is currently under construction, where you can search specifically for partners, supporters, ideas or infrastructure.

Public Relations & Marketing

The BioEconomy Cluster often offers the network special conditions or even free access to various events. In addition, we can support you in your marketing, publish your success stories, present you at trade fairs or organise an exhibition booth. Please do not hesitate to contact us if required.

Foundation & Settlement

The BioEconomy Cluster has a widely branched network of multipliers who can provide support in the establishment and settlement process. Depending on the issues and topics involved, we can open the right doors for you. Whether it is for prototyping, upscaling your development, searching for space or laboratories, preparing a business plan or even investor contacts.

Representation of Interests

The BioEconomy Cluster is represented in numerous committees, initiatives or expert groups. For example, we are a full member of the EU’s Biobased Industries Consortium (BIC) and represent the network companies there in order to adapt funding programme calls thematically. We are active in the further development of the Charta Holz or the lead market Chemistry and Bioeconomy of Saxony-Anhalt.