BioEconomy To Market – An innovation space for the implementation of biobased processes, products and services on the industrial market

BioToM stands for the fast and efficient initiation and implementation of research, development and innovation projects (R&D&I). Whether you are a start-up, SME or large-scale company, the innovation space is open to innovation-driven entrepreneurs, idea providers, solution seekers and developers.

BioToM provides the ideal environment for the development and market launch of new bioeconomic products, processes and services. Development costs and risks can be significantly lowered through a sharing of resources, moderated networking and cooperation between idea providers and implementers. A onestop-shop configuration means everything is within
close proximity.

Unique benefits in one place

  • The entire upscaling chain from lab to industrialscale contract manufacturing, sample quantities
  • Quick forging of innovation alliances between idea providers and market partners
  • Direct exchange of ideas in expert networks and with capital providers
  • Simultaneous development of business models and technologies
  • Access to the latest technologies, business models and ideas

Ideas and IPR are especially protected in the innovation space. Trust is secured through access regulations that apply to all BioToM participants. They guarantee confidentiality and are geared towards the swift exploitation of IPR, benefiting the idea provider and the idea implementer in equal measure.

Design of new value creation chains

BioToM strives to create new products and processes from biomass. Focus is on biotechnology, fiber technology, chemical processes and the entire downstream processing. Developing new business models and tapping into new markets are key when it comes to implementing R&D&I projects in BioToM.

Answers are found to fundamental questions regarding financing, investment and commercialization of the new processes, contributing to the development
of new value chains and/or value creation networks. The framework conditions for functioning markets in a bioeconomy are analyzed, formulated and published as white papers as part of accompanying projects involving all BioToM participants.

Openness to raw materials and technologies

BioToM primarily addresses the industrial implementation of bioeconomic processes. It is open to a wide range of raw materials from the agricultural and forestry industry, as well as co-products and residual material flows from a range of bio-based industries. Reconnecting
material flows makes it possible to leverage previously untapped value creation potentials.

Basis BMBF’s Leading-Edge Cluster BioEconomy

BioToM builds on more than five years of experience and the bundled expertise of the BMBF’s Leading-Edge Cluster BioEconomy.
The BioEconomy cluster has been working on implementing a bioeconomy since 2012. The
fruitful cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises, research and development institutions and large-scale industry has led to over 40 successfully implemented R&D projects. This means BioToM has a functioning management structure and a sophisticated operating level with experienced project initiators and implementers. An excellent international network across Europe with other large bioeconomy clusters significantly expands the scope and cooperation possibilities.

Are you interested in more information? Do you want to be part of the project BioToM? Then you are welcome to contact the cluster office!